Years ago, after decades of writing for major corporations, I began writing what I wanted to write instead of what I had to write. I discovered I loved writing what was fun and funny.  I wrote vignettes from my own life as a new wife and step-mom.  Early influences from watching endless episodes of I Love Lucy and Perry Mason as a kid came into play, and my writing morphed into a comic mystery.  When I sat down at my desk to write, I would laugh.  What a lark those days were! Out of that happy-go-lucky time also came the novel SUDDENLY SPYING. Click on the Suddenly Spying page for more on this fast, fun caper.

But I am a January baby, and like the two-faced god Janus for whom the month is named, my writing has two very different faces.gin-by-tree-29_5390_full.jpg

For I found my laughter hid a secret that kept bubbling up:  I had deeper, more difficult words to write.  My mother died suddenly when I was seventeen (she was just forty-five), and there was a deep well of decades-old sadness and confusion I needed to express.  Eventually, I realized I had to face my fears and allow this pain to surface in my fiction.

I wanted to combine this raw hurt and my love for mysteries.  Thus began a book near and dear to my heart, DISAPPEAR OUR DEAD.   For anyone who has struggled with the pain of loss, felt confusion about why bad things happen, wondered if life was worth living, know I feel your pain.  This is my hope:  that amidst the mystery, Disappear Our Dead provides a little solace to readers whose hearts have also been broken.  Click on the Disappear Our Dead page to watch a two-minute trailer and find out more about this book.

However, my inner imp is still alive and well, and I continue to love to read and write what’s light and lively, as well as what’s thought provoking and profound.  If you have a few minutes, take a look at my evolving Stories and Articles page.

I am a proud member of Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, Sisters in Crime, and a former president of Sisters in Crime, New England.

Thanks for visiting my website.  Hope to see you back here soon.

Wishing you luck and love,


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