Suddenly Spying

Suddenly Spying Ecover 7 23 17A fast, fun caper! Available on AMAZON!

Bill Bushnell’s review on says: “…a hilarious and wacky tale of spies, assassins, crime lords and a planned coup…  …very funny, silly, fast-paced…

George Smith featured Suddenly Spying on his blog at the Bangor Daily News: “Gin Mackey has a tremendous imagination and she puts it all to work in Suddenly Spying. The subtitle, A Mapcap Caper, doesn’t begin to describe it. There are lots of amusing twists…, and you won’t want to stop reading.”

from Kirkus Reviews: “…dodging baddies and bullets…. …playful writing… …hilarious jokes… A breezy novel that delivers an appealing, down-to-earth heroine dabbling in espionage.”

Here’s what Suddenly Spying’s all about…

Nora Gallagher’s never measured up to her super successful secret agent sister Giselle. Then Giselle arrives home unexpectedly—hot boytoy Jesse in tow—dangling a big bucks spy assignment and promising to help Nora learn the biz. Nora forgets about the time Giselle gave her a bouillon cube and told her it was a caramel.

Just short of shanghaied to tropical Barlanadana Island, Nora gets her assignment. Stop a coup financed by dangerous drug dealer Tommy the Twitch. But Giselle is weirdly jumpy, and spending lots more time limboing with the locals than helping Nora learn the ropes. Nora desperately needs information from Tommy about the planned coup, and fast, if she’s to stop it before it starts.

Nora stuffs herself into a man-eater dress, speed-reads MOAN magazine for tips, and seduces Tommy. On his boat, the Greasy Palm, he’s surprisingly open about his plot to take over the island. Does he feel immune from the law? Or is he going to have sex with her and feed her to the sharks?

When Nora’s cover is blown, she finds out Giselle forgot to mention something kinda important. Tommy’s twitch? It’s in his trigger finger. And he’s shooting at her. And everything else, for that matter.Gin by tree 29_5390_full

That’s just the beginning of a pell mell downward slide. Nora discovers Giselle lied like a Pinocchio-wannabe, and that she and Jesse aren’t exactly who they say they are. As a Bermuda-triangle of troubles threatens to suck Nora under, she’ll have to morph from low-achiever to agent extraordinaire, using skills she never knew she had in ways she never imagined possible if she’s to stop a coup, save her sister, and revive her own dying dreams.

With a little help from her new friend Jesse—who she hopes is falling for her the way she’s falling for him—she’ll stop the bad guys.

Or die trying.

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