I’m delighted my short story “The Demise of My
Wives” was included in this edition of Best New England Crime Stories.

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Fish or Cut Bait

My short Story “Swimming Lessons” appears in the anthology Fish or Cut Bait. You’ll find short stories from twenty-one terrific authors here as well.

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The articles below appeared in The Buffalo News.

One day I received an email from a cousin, accompanied by a picture of my grandmother, whom I’d never known.  How I wish I had!  This article from The Buffalo News focuses on old photos, and how they link us to loved ones lost.  Old Photos Help Us Understand Who We Are in The Buffalo News

After living in New England all our lives, my husband and I were surprised to find ourselves selling our home in Massachusetts and moving to Buffalo when he changed careers and became a minister.  The Buffalo News published this article on our move to Western New York.  Getting to Know Buffalo in The Buffalo News

This article from The Buffalo News focuses on the joy of summer after the darknenss of winter.  Winter Woes Summer Revels in The Buffalo News